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What are we?

We are a Premier esports team, based out of the United States, with players from all over the world. Our roster includes players in some of the biggest esports titles in the world: Starcraft 2, DOTA2, HOTS, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. We also have a community of streamers and entertainers, as well as event producers with our popular PSISTORMCup series.

Who are we?

We started as a group of gaming enthusiasts dedicated to the idea of fun, good sportsmanship, helpful, inclusive, honest and competitive spirit of playing. We then expanded into actual esports competitions locally at first, then to the international stage as our players have achieved success with tournament wins and championships.

Why are we?

Passion for esports runs deep within us, and we express that passion by running esports events, competing with professional players, contributing with community personalities, and engaging with our fans and communities.


KJ ”Freeedom” Garcia
Founder & majority owner
Damen “FilthyRake” Knight
Founder, minority owner
Tefft Smith
Managing Member, legal counsel
Steven Tricarico
Director of Events & Sponsorships
JD “Archnog” Sanzone
Brand Ambassador, minority owner
Dan Zipper
advisor, minority owner
Tabin “PanicSwitched” Ahmad
Ken “KenjiMuyo” Garcia
Carl “MotoLoco” Parker
Austin “Sugar” Kim
Assistant Manager


Kwame “Temp0” Mensah
Streamer, Caster, Content Creator & Creative Director
Jaclyn “Poizon” Sage
Marty “Frostbite” Devito
Writer, Social Media Editor & Journalist

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