PSISTORM at Dreamhack Valencia – Preview


On the 13th of July, the WCS Circuit makes its third out of four stops at Valencia. With 100 000 USD, a BlizzCon seed and 11 000 WCS points up for grab, it’s going to be another intense weekend of StarCraft.

At this Dreamhack event, we have four players participating, Strange, Zanster, JonSnow and TRUE.

Strange and Zanster were unable to make it through the Online qualifiers and have signed up into the Open Bracket. Somehow, among the 64 players in the first group stage, they ended up in the same group. Zanster finds himself as the only Zerg with Strange and the two Protoss players Indy and ReiGn. Although a teamkill series is very likely, we think it should be an easy 1st and 2nd finish for both our players.


TRUE and JonSnow were able to qualify through the NA Online qualifiers, where they were able to take 3rd and 4th respectively. They will wait in Group Stage 3 for the rest of the competitors to play out the first two Group Stages.

We eagerly await the event to take place and can’t wait to see what our boys can do! #GoPSISTORM