TRUE Qualifies to IEM Katowice 2017

Earlier today, the final qualifier for IEM Season XI – World Championship took place. Among many other players, our very own TRUE fought for a chance for a seed in the group stage.

His first opponent was none other that Zest. Sadly TRUE lost in a quick 0-2 series, but his hope was not dead; he still could qualify by going through the losers bracket.

And that he did. 2-0 vs Dear, another 2-0 vs Stats, a hard fought 2-1 vs Scarlett, followed by a 2-0 vs Losira brought him to the best of 5 qualifying match vs none other than Zest, the one who nearly killed the dream.

This time around, TRUE played his heart out. His opponent was able to eek out a victory in game 1 thanks to DT’s and archons, yet TRUE stayed strong and fought back. Mass mutas won him game 2, mass roach/ravager got him game 3.

On potentially the final map Newkirk Precinct, a cheeky hatch block into evolution chamber block bought him enough time to macro up and build up a sizable force of roach/ravager/hydra to counter Zest’s early Phoenix harass. With his bases secure and a 4th almost completed, TRUE marched towards Zest’s third and slowly but surely chipped it away until it stood no more. With no pylons for overcharge and his economy potentially in shambles, Zest was forced into the final battle where TRUE won decisively.

Final score: 3-1 TRUE.

TRUE IEM Katowice Qualifying run
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With this result, TRUE will participate in the Main event in Poland at the Spodek Arena the 27th February- 5th of March.

We look forward to his results and make to sure to cheer for him!

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