Starcraft League Season 3 playoff preview

by Zelevin

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The PSISTORM League is nearing completion as we approach week 13. Unlike the previous seasons, only the best half of players qualify for the playoffs. The league’s grandmaster representative, MygraiN, stands at the top with an impressive 12-0 record, and Freeedom is close behind him with only one loss – to MygraiN.

I asked a few of the top players about the league and the upcoming playoffs, and here are their thoughts.


When I played you in the PSISTORM League, I was intimidated by your league. Now while it may be hard to tell that I played significantly worse than usual, I feel like I did because of intimidation. How do feel about the presence of both extremes of skill in one league?

I don’t really think it’s fair at all. I wished we had a lot more people so we could have separate leagues. The league in general is really great though. It’s probably the most fun I have playing Starcraft 2 at the moment.

(I know what Freedom is giving him for Christmas… Next season’s format.)

You said the league is the most Starcraft related fun you’re having. Are you looking forward to the playoffs?

Yeah, big time. I might even try to study more and vary up my builds, because i think my terran is pretty predictable.

Do you think you’re going to win?

I’m not sure. I had some really close games with a few people, and I haven’t been playing terran much, lately. I would say that I’m probably the favorite.


How do you feel this season compares to the previous two?

 More people, games seem to take longer, and as we know only 50% go to playoffs, so it’s more competitive. The best of the best shine here more.

Does the inclusion of a grandmaster player change the league much?

It makes it more challenging, but since most are diamonds, we require the GM player to play off race where he is masters level.

Do you expect to make it to the finals again?


This season is nearing completion. What are the plans for next season?

Two separate leagues: code A for masters and under, code B for Pros and GMs, then winner of code A advances to further playoffs with code S players.


JDON (AKA Jerrdan)

I remember you once performed well in an online tournament for lower league players, in fact you came in second. Do you expect to have similar results with this tournament?

Yeah I think I can do as good, my only real obstacle is mygrant if that’s his name

(He doesn’t even know the name of his fiercest competition… What does it mean?)

All of the top players sound confident and ready for the playoffs, and I’m looking forward to when they meet in the playoffs.

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