Silky is promoted to the Pro team

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Just before Dreamhack Austin, we are glad to announce that our academy player Silky is being promoted to the Pro team! He will become the 11th player of our roster joining such amazing players as TRUE, GuMiho, JonSnow and PiLiPiLi.

Pro team manager PengWin’s statement:

“When we picked up Silky, I knew that he was well on his way to being a member of the pro team. Recent performances have more than underlined that, with fantastic team league performances as well as a stellar top 8 in the WCS Austin NA Qualifier. I’m very excited to see how he goes on to perform, because he truly is one of the most talented players the NA scene has to offer”

We had a quick interview with him regarding the promotion.

P :First, give us a quick introduction.

Nick “Silky” : Hey everyone my name is Nick “Silky” and I’m a Zerg player from California. I have been playing the game since 2011 and have loved every minute of it.

P :What does this promotion from the academy to the pro team mean to you?

I’m extremely excited to be apart of PSISTORM and be on a team with very high level players. I think this is a great opportunity to improve my game and take on a new adventure. I look forward to becoming a better player and I hope that my practice will turn into great results!

Silky will play at Dreamhack Austin in Group K with Bly, Fear and teammate WarreN.

Make sure to follow Silky on twitter.