RedBull DC experience from our perspective

article by Zelevin

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With several members of PSISTORM Gaming attending RedBull Battlegrounds, I thought it would be appropriate to ask them a few questions about it.

The Questions:

1. If you have been to any other major eSports’ events, then tell me how RedBull compared to the other events you attended.
2. The stream showed that the walls of the venue were decorated with huge sketchings of the players faces. How cool were they up close? Were there other decorations similar that weren’t shown on stream? If you have pictures, I would appreciate it if you sent them to me.
3. Who did you want to win?
4. Who were you most excited to see? This doesn’t just mean the eight players. Personally, if I would have been there, I would have been most excited to see Rotterdam, and if I had any friends attending, I would also be excited to see them.
5. Is there anything about the event that stood out? (Great, bad, strange… whatever.)


The Answers:



1. Can’t compare cause I have not been to any, that was my first.
2. They looked liked they were from by a plotter printer from where I was sitting. The theater windows outside had a tint with the faces of the players too. Sorry no pictures.
3. Scarlet
4. Of all the pro players I was looking forward to see Scarlet. Also wanted to see the whole PSIstorm crew.
5. What stood out for me was that there was no good food in the theater. There was only popcorn, soda, energy drink, etc. It would have been great if some decent food was there (burger, hotdog, etc.) and therefore you don’t have to go out and miss all the action. But I guess because it was a small theater that’s what they can offer.



1. I have been to World Cyber Games back when I was still in the Philippines (10-12 years ago). It was really big as it was sponsored by Samsung. I actually competed as a representative of my region along with 5 others. The Redbull DC was definitely a step up in terms of technology… streaming, in-game casting.
2. Yah, those pictures on the wall made it even better… gave it a good sense of who were competing. I do have pics and will post them here for you to use. They also have those pictures plastered at the entrance of the theater. Unfortunately I don’t have any pic of those.
3. Scarlet hands down… I love her gameplay and the fact that she is the only non-korean in the tournament.
4. Scarlet
5. The energy of the place was amazing… people cheered when good plays were made and no bad manners like booing or throwing stuffs. Have to say that the SC2 crowd is a good one. The good thing too is that they gave the fans the chance to ask for autographs from the players. You can buy a mousepad (with red bull logo) for $10 and have it signed to any player you like.



1. First one for me!
2. I will add good pics to this article. They were definitely a nice touch to the event.
3. Scarlett and Bomber were my favorites. Happy Bomber won after Scarlett got eliminated.
4. All the 8 pros, and of course the casters. Also was excited to meet some of the local players, and some eSports personalities. Of course was psyced to meet our first signee to PSISTORM, MygraiN.
5. It was smaller than the huge tourneys, but big enough to be intense. Heck it was intimate and huge at the same time if that makes any sense. The production was excellent, sitting VIP and getting special access didn’t hurt!


some video clips:

On to the pictures (courtesy of Carl Parker, ADV MOTO):

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