PSISTORM at Dreamhack Austin: Day 0


Starting April 28, Dreamhack Austin begins! Part of the WCS circuit, this event sports a $100k prize pool, a 64 player open bracket and a BlizzCon seed to first place. We are tied with ROOT Gaming in being the most represented team with 8 players. We have 2 players seeded into the third bracket stage and 6 fighting it out in the first group stage.

We’ve got PiLiPiLi, JonSnow, TRUE, Silky, PengWin, WarreN , jheffe and sLeet.


PiLiPiLi and JonSnow had an amazing performance in the NA qualifier, placing 2nd and 4th respectively. Defeating such opponents as TRUE, Semper, puCK and Scarlett, they both were able to make it out of the Losers’ bracket and make the top 4. Even while knocking out teammates TRUE and Silky on their way, they simply proved they were the best then and there. They will wait for the competition on Saturday while the first bracket stage is played out.

In this bracket, we have TRUE, PengWin, WarreN, Silky and jheffe, battling it out for a top finish in their groups. Somehow, even with 16 groups, we found a way to make a teamkill situation with WarreN and Silky in Group K. They will have to find a way to beat Bly, Fear or even each other to advance into the second Group Stage. All the way back in Group C, our player manager Pengwin, has to best xKawaiian, the Protoss TheorY and Blast to advance. In another potential teamkill situation, TRUE and academy player jheffe have to find a way through Bails and Jjajan to continue on. All by his lonesome, academy player sLeet is in Group O with the Swedish Zanster, Dolan and mLty.

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Overall, we believe each player has the potential to make it out of the first group stage. We have been preparing for this event since it was announced and progress has shown.

Make sure to tune in and cheer on our players throughout the event!

Full bracket here.

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