PSISTORM Cup #5 – April 22


Some of you may remember our previous announcement about the 5th iteration of our tournament, it was going to be our biggest and most impressive event yet. Fusing KJ’s love for StarCraft and cars, sponsorship by Dell and Alienware, topped off with an amazing venue, it was set to be an amazing event.

Unfortunately, we had some problems. As some of you might have read, it was unexpectedly cancelled when general manager of the mall vetoe’d the event. Even with prior approval from her boss and all parties involved in the planning of the event.

We quickly scrambled to find another venue, and our friends at The Cave were accommodating enough to host us once again for another tournament!

So here we are with all the details you need to know:

Date: 22 April 2017
Time: Starts at 11am EST
Venue: The Cave Fairfax, 10621 Braddock Rd, Ste B, Fairfax, Virginia
Format: Group Stage in Swiss style bo3, Top 8 advance to the single-elimination playoffs bracket, finals are Bo5
Entry: $20 sign up, $30 at the door, $10 spectator pass.
PrizePool: $1,000+ USD (500+$ 1st, 300+$ 2nd, 100+$ 3rd-4th)


The games will be streamed on the GauntletSC2 twitch, make sure to catch it then!

We did end up losing sponsors with the lost of the big venue, so the prize-pool has been reduced to 1,000$ USD. Depending on sign-ups and other things, it is possible that it will increase, thank you for our understanding.

As with all of our Cups, the event will be casted by none other than our PSISTORM pro-team with appearances by some of the signed up players, members of the StarCraft Community and more!


Now here is a little added bonus, it is possible we will be adding SSBM to the gamelist! That means a play area for SSBM possibly complimented with a prizepool! Details are to come, but we are excited about what this will entail…