PSISTORM at Dreamhack Valencia – Day 2 : Bittersweet


On the second day of Dreamhack, our players gave us joy and sadness. We had TRUE and Zanster in the Ro.16, both against tough opponents, TRUE versus PtitDrogo, while Zanster faced off against SpeCIal.

In a type of series TRUE is known for, he just hit crispy timing after crispy timing. Either with a hydra/ling timing in Game 3, or a drop overlord queen taxi with lings, TRUE was able to knock out Drogo with a respectable score of 3-1.


Next up. we had Zanster play against the formidable Mexican Terran SpeCIal aka MajOr. In this case, his opponent was too strong, despite some great games, like a small comeback in Game 1 vs a 3-rax reaper build, or some cheeky nydus play on the third map. Zanster unfortunately fell 0-3 and was knocked out of the tournament. Still, a Ro.16 finish is still nothing to be scoffed at considering the amount of good players who were unable to make it pass the 3rd group stage. We are quite proud of our Anton and wish to see this result replicated at DH Montreal in September.


So this leaves us with just 1 player left in the tournament. TRUE will have to defeat Serral in a ZvZ mirror matchup in order to advance to the Ro.4. Although the Finish Zerg is strong, we believe his chances are quite good to be able to advance.

We look forward to the series which will be played around 12:20 CEST, we hope you will join us in viewing the one and only TRUE on