PSISTORM branded Gaming PC by AXE Computers USA

PSISTORM Gaming is excited to announce AXE Computers USA is creating a special PSISTORM Gaming branded gaming computer.


“I am ecstatic about this partnership between PSISTORM Gaming and AXE Computers. I love eSports and specifically the Starcraft 2 scene, and am so happy to work with one of the most prestigious teams out there”, said the owner of AXE Computers Kevin Neureuter.

* The rig will feature a Ryzen 5 1600X CPU, which means not only can you game, but also stream.
* It comes with an AMD RX 580 8GB video card and 16GB of RAM,
* a Cougar Panzer case with laser engraved PSISTORM Gaming Logo on tempered tinted glass,
* it will have RGB lighting and a 240mm liquid cooler,
* Finally, it will run on Windows 10 with a 120GB SSD and a 1TB HDD.


The build will streamed tomorrow night at 5pm on

This power machine is made with intense demands of games (including StarCraft 2) and streaming in mind. This first version of this will be raffled off for players participating at the next PSISTORMCup (#6, date TBD).

More PCs will be available for sale on AXE’s website.

“I’m happy to work with a local company who are made up of genuine StarCraft and esports fanatics. That’s what makes this partnership special is that they will give their best effort and heart behind their products especially with our team name on it. Gaming PC backed by gamers.”, said PSISTORM owner KJ Freeedom.