PSISTORM Gaming Team League Announcement

written by Jordan

psistorm teamleague logoThe Story

At Cheesadelphia 6, xJustxJordanx and KJ Freeedom met for the first time. They got to talking, and KJ shared his vision of a team league for the little guys, the gold leaguers, the platinum leaguers, etc. He felt they deserved better than what the currently had: leagues plagued with no-shows, sporadic streams with no player stories, no opportunities to gain fans, little room for rivalries to develop. He dreamed of a league where the players got the same treatment as those featured in Proleague, GSTL and the like. KJ liked the idea so much, he said he’d even be willing to fund it. Jordan thought the idea was grand, and volunteered to run it. And thus, the PSISTORM Gaming Team League was born!

Why we’re different

The PSISTORM Gaming Team League is meant to give those of us below Grandmaster league an opportunity to exercise our competitive spirit and teamwork alongside our clanmates, all in an environment that will attempt to replicate the production level as seen in such events as Proleague and GSTL.

  • PRODUCTION: All players will have their picture and a short bio displayed before each casted match, in addition to interviews to be played between matches.
  • PRIZE POOL: An $800 prize pool, unprecedented for a skill-capped team league. 
  • PLAYERS: Pre-approved rosters are virtually smurf-proof, and allow fans to pick their favorite players and follow them throughout the season.


This league is for North American teams only. Due to overwhelming demand this is open to other regions outside NA, please contact Jordan for any questions, especially if you’d like to help in any way.

To register for the PSISTORM Gaming Team League, please join the official Discord channel and follow the instructions there. The official Discord channel can be found here: 

In order to make sure that teams are committed for the duration of the event, and to further increase the prize pool, there is a $20 USD registration fee for each season. Teams will have until April 15th to register their players (with all mandatory information) and pay the registration fee.

Teams will need to decide amongst themselves who their captain is. This person will be their team’s liaison to league admins. They will be responsible for signing their team up for the league, making sure the registration fee is paid, and that their players are added to their roster.

  • Match Format
    •  Proleague Format.
    • Each team match will feature 5 games (highest rank allowed to compete in each game): Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Diamond, and Master. All 5 games will be played regardless of final score.  So the first one means only Gold and under can play in that game.

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