PSISTORM at Dreamhack Austin : Aftermath


The 30th of April was the last day of Dreamhack Austin. We had TRUE looking strong going into the Ro4. He went through the Ro16 going 3-0 over uThermal, he went through the Ro8 going 3-1 over Cham. It was set to be a good series against the tough Nerchio.

Game one started off well. In the early game TRUE was able to get the better end off small speedling and baneling skirmishes. With small leads stacking up, he was able to create an economical lead. He kept at the small skirmishes, a group of burrowed roaches here, a ling run by there. With every moment he was able to create a lead out of nothing. He had more resources in the bank, more bases, yet Nerchio kept up in army supply and upgrades. It all came down to a single engagement that TRUE took magnificently. Better arc, better biles. He took it decisively.

Game two saw a little bit of a curve ball by TRUE. Again, after winning most of the small ling skirmishes, he was able to transition to mutas unbeknownst to Nerchio. He was unable to transition to hydras fast enough and was only able to use spores and a few fungals to defend against the massive muta flock. TRUE was relentless in his attack, completely overwhelming his opponents main base, Nerchio went for a desperate counter-attack and he found the bases completely undefended. TRUE sunk every single resource into mutas, he had no ground army. With the spawning mutas he tried to defend but it wasn’t enough and he called the GG.

After some early speedlings and baneling shenanigans by Nerchio, the game went late. With each player on five bases, on hive with a roach, ravager and infestor army, it became a game of small steps. Responding to an earlier attack, TRUE was able to snipe the evolution chamber researching +3 for Nerchio. His opponent then traded his army for TRUEs’ and both players remaxed to max with roaches and a new round of infestors. Meanwhile, our Zerg was able to saturate a 7th base and with the extra income started to tech up to ultralisks. When his ultras were halfway complete, Nerchio attacked TRUE’s 4th, killing it and most of his opponents army. He backed off only once he saw the 6 ultras that finally hatched. While TRUE tried to counter-attack, his opponent was able to tech up to lurkers and destroy what remained of his opponents army.
Economy devastated and with no army, TRUE GG’d out.

The fourth game was uneventful, after standard openings from both players and some ling/baneling skirmishes here and there, they both went into roach ravager and macroed. From there, TRUE tried an attack into the area between the third and the natural. His army was split in two parts, as the first wave hit, it was sandwiched by a group of roaches and ravagers to the north. The first wave of TRUE’s army lost about half of its forces while it retreated to the other half, the slower ravagers were picked off first and this spelled the beginning of the end. As he retreated back home, he was down a little more than half in army supply. Even at his base, he did not have enough resources or units to push Nerchio back and he sadly typed out GG.

With that, we were out of the tournament. It was still a great event for us.

TRUE – finishes 3rd-4th
JonSnow – finishes 9th-16th
PiLiPiLi – finishes 17th-24th
PengWin – finishes Group Stage 1
jheffe – finishes Group Stage 1
WarreN – finishes Group Stage 1
Silky – finishes Group Stage 1
sLeet – finishes Group Stage 1

All pictures by Troyseph