PSISTORM At Dreamhack: Day 1


Day one of Dreamhack Austin concluded not too long ago. 6 players went into the First Stage with hopes of defeating strong opponents.
We had PengWin, WarreN and sLeet, TRUE, jheffe and silky competing in the hopes of advancing until the playoffs.

After three hours of intense games, the competition was whittled down from 64 contenders to 32. Unfortunately we lost 5 players in the bloodbath. Despite good games, PengWin, WarreN, Silky, sLeet and jheffe fell in their respective groups. Only TRUE was able to make it out of his group, even finishing in first place with a perfect 4-0 record.

groups stage 1

Every single player was close to advancing, finishing either in 3rd place or in Group L’s case, finishing 3rd and 4th. Despite the losses, we are proud of our players who have shown they can battle it out with good players, they simply need a little but more to be able to drive it home.

In the second group stage, TRUE was seeded into Group B with TLO, Pandabearme and FeaR. he first played against the german protoss quickly winning in a 2-0. He then had to face Doctor Dario himself. He lost the first map on abyssal, but was able to mount a comeback and won 2-1. Topping the group 4-1.

true stage 2

The next group stage saw TRUE join JonSnow and PiLiPiLi, having been seeded through the qualifiers.

Our american zerg saw himself the only North American in group A with Harstem, Serral and Optimus. Losing the first match 0-2 to harstem, it started off poorly. He was able to grab on to hope with a flawless 2-0 win against Optimus and had to have a rematch against the dutch protoss. The first game went late, hydras, banelings and finally broodlords saw the game until his forces overwhelmed his opponents. In the second game, Harstem was able to quickly end it with some adepts and oracles. In the last game, JonSnow was once again able to dance around the map long enough to bring out broodlords, granting him the win.

In group E, PiLiPiLi had to square off against Cham, NonY and Namshar. Matchup against the veteran NonY, he was able to take it 2-0. Now against Cham, it was close series, but in the end, he wasn’t able to score and lost in a close 1-2. In the loser’s finals, he had to defeat Namshar to advance to the Ro16. Despite a promising Game 1, his attack failed and it lost him the game. On the second map, after defending some muta harass, he bet it all on a attack against his opponents 3rd with blink stalkers, immortals and a few disruptor. The swedes defence was too tight, as he held off the attack long enough with roaches and ravagers that his remaining mutas were able to pierce PiLi’s bases, killing all his probes forcing him to GG.

TRUE was placed in the hardest group of the three. With Snute, SortOf and TIME, it was going to be a tough battle. Faced off against the chinese terran player TIME, he lost the first map, but was able to bring it back with clever play and his famous multi-pronged harass. The 2-1 victory lead him to play against the formidable Snute. Once again, despite losing the first map, he was able to win the second game in a long game which saw TRUE send wave and wave of ultra and crackling into Snutes’ lurker defence until he fell to mutas, having most of his anti-air destroyed by cracklings and ultras. The third game was the story of a perfect defense. Snute went for a 1 base speedling and baneling all-in. TRUE was able to defend it perfectly despite not having any banelings of his own. With his massive economic lead , our Korean Zerg flooded his opponent’s base, forcing a GG.

groupstage 3 atx

Starting with 8 players, only 2 remain. It was a brutal day of StarCraft, our players did their best and we are happy with the result.

Don’t miss out on the the games on the 29th! It starts at 11am CDT!