Academy player NYK Retirement Interview


A couple of days after NYK announced on twitter he is going to retire, Frostbite was able to talk to him and flesh out his thoughts in better detail.

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Frostbite: You tweeted out your situation, explaining you are now going to retire. Can you explain in more detail that post?

NYK: Ok, so basically if you read the post, you would know my basic situation, as I only have maybe 6 months before I go into the military. I decided to put all my focus on that by training and also focusing on school. Before I decided to retire, I thought that in the time I had left, I could do something in Starcraft, but I didn’t have the opportunity to do so, my PC was breaking down, and my family didn’t support the idea, so I decided to focus on one of my life goals that i always wanted to accomplish.

F: The goal being military right?

N: yes, I want to make it a career, so I am going to work my way to special forces.

F: Now back to StarCraft, what would be your most memorable moment?

N: I would have to say, Dreamhack MTL, even if I didn’t participate in the main tournament, it was so exciting to be at a major LAN and having my teammate TRUE win it was a bonus in itself. I also got to hang out with my good friends while there and that was a blast.

F: Now lets get a little dark, what is your worst memory from StarCraft?

N: umm, I would say my first time playing Torcraft, when I had to play MaSa, I think it was 3 years ago, and I was just a high masters player. It was on Frost and we were both playing standard, he came across the map with 6 hellions, and killed all but 9 drones, at that point I just started laughing, that was probably the most heart wrenching of all.

F: Do you regret retiring after all this time spent on StarCraft?

N: well, I don’t, to be honest if I had a better environment at home to play the game and have the time to as well, I believe I could’ve done something with StarCraft, but the military is something I wanted to do even before I got into StarCraft. Its a life goal that I always wanted to work towards, so I am happy to give StarCraft up to the military. At the same time, I am not fully leaving SC2, me and my friends at GoodGameBarTO are working to promote the SC2 scene, and I will be helping them until I leave for the military, so I am happy U can still have an effect or the StarCraft scene in Toronto.

F: On that note, what is the biggest lesson you’ve learned from your time in the scene?

N: I would think that the biggest lesson learned from my time in the scene would be to never give up, I know it sounds somewhat cliché, but when you win a game of StarCraft after coming back from an unforgivable position, the feeling you get is amazing, and I can relate this to my life goals. Just as you should never give up in a game of SC2 you should never give up on your dreams.

F: Any games or series that come out as memorable from all your time in StarCraft?

N: As for one of my games that i play, it would have to be my somewhat rivalry with David’SteadFast’Loose as we are both zerg players from Toronto, we played each other in tons of tournaments and LAN’s, and I would also say that TRUE’s run at Dreamhack will be the most memorable for me, because I was there live and i got to celebrate with him at the same time.

F: now let’s wrap it up. Anything you to say to end?

N: Just a couple things, First of all big shoutout to my team PSISTORM for keeping up with me and for the good times with the guys playing in the team leagues. second i will still be playing and stream sc2 only on Saturdays from GoodGameBarTO and still represent PSISTORM there, last of all i would like to thank all the people throughout my career, most of them know who they are, but going from a low bronzey and a community clan where i made great friends to IvD where I started to develop my play on to PSISTORM was great and I won’t for get this part of my life ever, if I have the time I will try to make events but I can’t guarantee that, to wrap it up, even though you won’t see me in tournaments, you still have another couple months of me at . Thanks all and I hope the StarCraft scene only progresses in the future. <3 <3 🙂