JonSnow Joins PSISTORM Gaming!

We are happy to announce that JonSnow has joined PSISTORM Gaming! we've signed one of NA's best Zergs @JonSnowSC2 welcome to team @psistormgaming !— KJ ƑℝΞΞΞƊ☢Ɱ G ♒ (@KarlJayG) 13 décembre 2016 A staple of the NA GM scene, he will be a valuable member... read more

Acadamy player NYK Retirement Interview

A couple of days after NYK announced on twitter he is going to retire, Frostbite was able to talk to him and flesh out his thoughts in better detail. Don't forget to follow NYK on twitter as well as Frostbite Frostbite: You tweeted out your situation, explaining you are now going to retire. Can you explain... read more

Best of HSC XIV Pictures – Day 1 to 4

IMG_1371 - Copy can be resumed in a few words. The previous champion Harstem lost to Koreans. Last minute replacement Socke getting rolled over. Scarlett and the american hero PandaBearMe getting eliminated by reapers. While Kelazhur and Lambo lose to Protoss. Bly, Heromarine and Incontrol cast some games on Day 1 Harstem... read more

PSISTORMCup 4, December 3rd at The Cave

PSISTORMCupCollage Team Ascension's Raze wins PSISTORMCup 4! a few moments from #PSISTORMCup 4 ! @starcraft @TheCaveFairfax #esports— PSISTORM Gaming (@psistormgaming) December 6, 2016 Brackets and tournament info on Liquipedia. Announcement... read more