Karl “Freeedom” Garcia

KJ “Freeedom” Garcia is the founder of the team. He also owns a successful web development company, and is a sports car enthusiast, founding and organizing #DCExotics & #SterlingSupercars. Both are clubs for exotic car owners of Lamborghini, Ferrari, McLaren, Porsche and other makes in the DC, Maryland and Virginia area.  In addition, he spends a lot of time playing Starcraft, basketball and other sports.

Damen “FilthyRake” Knight

Damen “FilthyRake” Knight has been heavily involved with the competitive StarCraft II scene for years. Outside of his duties with PSISTORM Gaming, he is one of the administrators of the After Hours Gaming League (in which he was also Palantir’s Team Captain for 3 Seasons), he has hosted his own eSports based YouTube show “Let’s Kung Fu!”, and he has sponsored a wide variety of StarCraft II Tournaments (Destiny I, Breaking Out, SC2 Improve Team League America, etc…). Inside the organization he spends most of his time helping run the business side of the organization – finding sponsors, helping to plan events, and scouting for talent.

      Carl “MotoLoco” Parker

      Carl is one of the managers and heads media & production.  He owns a successful online magazine company, ADVMOTO.  He is not just a gamer, but also a motorcycle enthusiast. He travels all over the world organizing adventure events for his hobby and business.

          Ben “SirMalagant” Ambalong

          SirMalagant has been playing Starcraft since the very beginning. During the Brood War expansion era, he played numerous tournaments locally in the Philippines and went on to Represent Cebu at the 1st Philippine World Cyber Game Championships (WCG). SirMalagant is in charge of our branding and look.

            Blake “BlakeHG” Gillenwater

            Blake “BlakeHG” Gillenwater  has been playing the game of StarCraft for 4 years, since the beta of Wings of Liberty. Since then he has competed in small tournaments, and participated in the creation of DC/MD/VA Starcraft League which is now PSIStorm Starcraft League. Blake loves participating in live streams for the game and casting when he can. Inside the organization he spends most of his time as the content and social media manager, he helps find talent and acquire sponsors for the team as well as helps with team and organization decisions.