KJ”Freeedom” Garcia | Owner & Founder


KJ, is the founder of the team. He owns a successful web development company, as well as being a sports car enthusiast. He has founded and continues to organize #DCExotics & #SterlingSupercars. Both are clubs for exotic super car including Lamborghini, Ferrari, McLaren, Porsche and more in the DC, Maryland and Virginia area. In his free time, he enjoys playing StarCraft, basketball and other sports.

Damen “FilthyRake” Knight | Co-owner, Caster & Team Model


Damen has been heavily involved with the competitive StarCraft II scene for years. Outside of his duties with PSISTORM Gaming, he is one of the administrators of the After Hours Gaming League (in which he has also been Palantir’s Team Captain for 3 Seasons), he has hosted his own eSports based YouTube show “Let’s Kung Fu!”, and has sponsored a wide variety of StarCraft II Tournaments (Destiny I, Breaking Out, SC2 Improve Team League America, etc…). Inside the organization he spends most of his time helping run the business side of the organization – finding sponsors, helping to plan events, and scouting for talent.

Stefan “PengWin” Mott | Player Manager

PengWin is the Pro Divisions player manager. Having been on mYinsanity for many years as the team captain and caster. Having been with PSISTORM since July of 2016, he has been making sure all the players of the Pro divison sign up to tournaments, fielding rosters in various teamleagues and keep up with their play. PengWin also helps in talent acquisition and player discipline. In his free time, he enjoys streaming and researching the game at its highest level.

Skylar “Mistakes” Hoy | Assistant Player Manager

Mistakes is the Assistant manager, helping mostly the Academy Divison. He keeps the players in check whenever PengWin can’t. This includes, but is not limited to fielding player rosters for clan wars, making sure players sign up to various tournaments and keeping track of players. In his free time, he enjoys playing StarCraft, researching builds and dissecting the highest level of StarCraft.

Carl “MotoLoco” Parker | Manager

Carl is one of the managers and heads media & production. He owns a successful online magazine company, ADVMOTO. He is not just a gamer, but also a motorcycle enthusiast. He travels all over the world organizing adventure events for his hobby and business.

JD “Archnog” Sanzone | Brand Ambassador & Advisor


JD has been a supporter of the team since the early days and contributes heavily with his social and networking talents.  His experience working with executives and decision makers help guide management in many aspects of the organization day to day goals.


Kwame “Temp0” Mensah | Streamer, Caster, Content Creator & Creative Director


Temp0 is a staple to the StarCraft II Community. Vastly known for various parody music videos, including When I’m GrandMaster, A.L.I.V.E and All I Do Is Stim ft. MuSiQ . When he is not producing music, Temp0 casts various grassroot NA tournaments, streams and generally enjoying life.

Jaclyn “Poizon” Sage | Web Developer


Poizon is the web developper for PSISTORM. Having been a fan of the game for many years, she uses her programming knowledge to develop and maintain the site. In her free time, she enjoys streaming StarCraft and playing in as many tournaments as she can.

Marty “Frostbite” Devito | Writer, Social Media Editor & Journalist

Frostbite has been a fan of StarCraft for many years. Having had various small behind-the-scene roles in writing and producing, he now tries to being his love for StarCraft by attending as many events as possible events and bringing various players and casters into the spotlight through video interviews and miscellaneous videos. In his free time, he enjoys playing StarCraft, following the eSports scene and keeping up with pro play.

Ryan “Draven” McNamee | Caster & Player

Draven is a caster, player and longtime fan of all things Blizzard. He is mostly known for his coverage of various online qualifiers and smaller cups. He is the go-to guy to cast PSISTORM related tournaments and qualifiers. When he is not casting, Draven enjoys streaming StarCraft and Overwatch.