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Interview with Damen “FilthyRake” Knight

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Hi! My name is Jacob “Zelevin” McDonald! I am a diamond Terran player on the NA server. I also regularly play a Starcraft II Arcade game called Marine Arena. If you would like to play with me, you may contact me at or on Starcraft Zelevin #464. This is my first interview, and if I receive positive feedback, then I will conduct more in the future!

Zelevin: To begin with, give me a brief explanation of PSISTORM Gaming.

FilthyRake: So, PSISTORM Gaming.  It’s kind of crazy, actually.  A bunch of DC area car guys discovered they also liked SC2 and started a clan.  This grew into tournaments, showmatches, and all kinds of other neat stuff.  Eventually we said “hey, you know what?  We should just start a real team” – and here we are.  We are a bunch of people who are INCREDIBLY passionate about StarCraft, and focused on some core principles: have fun, be friendly, get better, help each other out.

Zelevin: What is your vision for PSISTORM Gaming?

FilthyRake: My vision…  My vision is not for us to become this huge power house team or anything like that.  I see us being the place where good players go to become great players.  I want us to be the people developing all that raw talent that is out there.

Zeleivn: Do you have a specific talent that you use for the team?

FilthyRake: Honestly, I think my biggest talent is the ability to communicate well.  Obviously this gets exposed to the general public in my casting and streaming, but it also really pays off (maybe even more significantly) behind-the-scenes when it comes to reaching out to players, coordinating events, or just helping with our internal decision making process.

Zelevin: In short, I assume we both agree that PSISTORM Gaming is about… Well, gaming. I am going to ask you a few questions related to gaming in general. Currently, what is your favorite game?

FilthyRake: Starcraft 2, of course!!

Zelevin: What was your first video game system? What was your favorite game for it?

FilthyRake: Oh god this is going to make me sound old.  I had an Atari 2600.  As for my favorite game… Probably breakout

Zelevin: Since Psistorm gaming and the group from which it evolved has had show matches with progamers, I would like to ask you about progaming.
When were you first introduced to the idea of progaming?
FilthyRake: So I was vaguely aware of it during the BroodWar days, but I didn’t *really* understand properly what it was until the beta for Wings of Liberty, when I discovered Team Liquid and Day9.  That’s when I really got turned on to the pro scene.

Zelevin: Who was your first favorite progamer?
FilthyRake: HuK, no question.
Zelevin: What about now? Is HuK still your favorite?
FilthyRake: He is definitely my favorite foreigner.  Overall? It is probably a toss up between him and MC.
Zelevin: Okay, so do you remember back on the first day of school when your teacher would have you stand up and tell the class something about yourself? Well, I’d like you to tell the readers of this interview something about yourself that is not related to gaming.
FilthyRake: Haha sure.  Hmm, well, I used to be really into martial arts.  Like, I dropped out of college to study Kung Fu full time, and spent many years training, teaching, and competing.
Zelevin: Any last words? Shout out to fans? Sponsors? Haha
FilthyRake: Oh man, well, I’m not really sure if I have any fans out there – but if I do, thanks!  And of course a huge thank you to our sponsors who are amazing for helping us make this dream come alive.  Mostly though I just want to thank all of the people who work diligently behind the scenes to make everything happen – people like FearDragon who host awesome tournaments, and like Funka the amazing observer, and really just everyone else whose passion makes a difference.


UPDATE: Jan 22, 2016 we conducted a video interview: