Day 4 of IEM Katowice – Mixed emotions

On the second day of the group stage, all of our members were set to play. TRUE and PiLiPiLi played in Group C, the so-called easiest group, while the towel-terran Gumiho played in Group D, the group of Death.

In the wee hours of the morning in North America, PiLiPiLi played against his fellow teammate TRUE. Knowing him well, he was able to fend off his aggressive style and won the series 2-1. With the teamkill out of the way, he played Zest, quickly getting dispatched 0-2. In perhaps the most heartbreaking series of the group stage, he found himself in a tie-breaking situation being 1-1 against HomeStoryCup champion Patience. Trying to end the game quickly with an immortal sentry based push, he ended up losing his entire army, yet was able to force his opponent to lose workers in the defense. Sensing no way to win, he left the game, despite his economic advantage. This decision was considered highly controversial and not the best move, you can judge for yourself in this video. Despite a clean 2-0 versus the Polish Zerg Nerchio, PiLi couldn’t recreate his success against Serral losing 0-2. With those games done, he finished 2-3 in series and just short of advancing, finishing in 5th place.

TRUE’s was even more heartbreaking. The WCS Circuit Champion started off by losing to PiLi, but brought it back with a solid 2-0 against another Protoss Patience. Next up against Nerchio, it started out with a 1-0 lead on Belshir, but he couldn’t eek out a win on the next two maps, losing the series 1-2. Everything went downhill after that series. Playing versus Serral, he looked outclassed losing 0-2 followed by a quick 0-2 against the one and only Zest. This meant he was eliminated from advancing going 1-4 in series and 4-8 in maps.

With Group C concluded, neither of our players were able to advance.
Group C standings






Right after, Gumiho played in the famous Group of D of Death. The Towel Terran first started off with a close series versus the BlizzCon finalist Dark. Despite winning game 1 and a very close game 2, the surprising bio style didn’t work against the Zerg in game, losing him the series 1-2. Not wanting to just roll over and die, Gumiho seemed to peak in performance, quickly beating the dutch Terran Uthermal 2-0, dispatching the german Protoss Showtime in a close 2-1-1, forcing a draw on the second map and defeating the IEM gyeonggi champion Innovation 2-1. His final obstacle in the group was the polish Protoss MaNa. He ended up losing the first game on Abyssal Reef, on the following map, Gumiho redoubled his efforts and knocked over his opponent, which he did once again on the next map. Having won all but one of his matches, GumiGod stood at the top of his group with a 9-5 map record.

gumiho group d






Not only does first place in the group of death grant a newfound respect, but it also seeds him directly into the quarterfinals of the bracket stage. With the draw completed, he will have to defeat the winner of Zest and TY to advance further into the bracket.








We look forward to see what he can do!