GuMiho advances to Round 2 of SSL Season 1 Qualifier

PSISTORM Gaming Team League Announcement

written by Jordan The Story At Cheesadelphia 6, xJustxJordanx and KJ Freeedom met for the first time. They got to talking, and KJ shared his vision of a team league for the little guys, the gold leaguers, the platinum leaguers, etc. He felt they deserved better than what the currently had: leagues plagued with... read more

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PSISTORM acquires Deadly Kittens roster

PSISTORM Gaming has acquired the core players of Deadly Kittens, a world class team from Southeast Asia that has made Global Championship at Blizzcon the past 2 years (2016 was known as Imperium Pro Team). We last saw them play Tempo Storm this past month ending the series 1-2 and finishing in 13th-16th in the... read more

Halloween & BlizzCon videos

ICYMI, we've released a few videos the past few days. BLIZZCON INCENTIVES With BlizzCon a few days away, management discusses some interesting incentives for GuMiho and TRUE. HALLOWEEN The teamhouse walkaround shows some of the costumes chosen with loyalty to Blizzard titles especially... read more

BlizzCon sponsor ODTS

PSISTORM Gaming adds another sponsor as GuMiho and TRUE compete in Global Finals for StarCraft at BlizzCon starting next weekend: ODTS. On behalf of the ODTS team, we are pleased to sponsor PSIStorm Gaming and wish them well on their continued success. - Serge Loza, owner. Origami Data & Technology Services... read more

BlizzCon sponsor YellowFiber

PSISTORM Gaming is proud to announce a new sponsor as GuMiho and TRUE compete in Global Finals for StarCraft at BlizzCon starting next weekend: YellowFiber. “The YellowFiber team and I are proud to be supporting PSISTORM Gaming this season. They are fierce competitors, have a great attitude, and play hard.... read more
A couple moments ago, GuMiho was able to advance to Round 2 of the StarCraft II StarLeague Season 1: Qualifier aka the SSL. He started by beating a Protoss named 젤리젤리 2-0, then Forte (or SalvatioN) 2-0, but lost against Stats 0-2 in the finals. Knocked down to the losers round, he faced Rogue who he was able to beat in a close 2-1 victory.

gumiho SSL quali









Next up, he will play in another tough group in round 2 the 8th of March. This group features herO, Zest and Dark and he will face off against herO in the first match. It will be tough, but GuMiho has triumph in tough groups before. Just like at IEM Katowice, we hope he can top his group and advance in first place!






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