GuMiho advances to Round 2 of SSL Season 1 Qualifier

Gauntlet is now our broadcasting partner

Gauntlet PSISTORM Gaming is now in partnership with GauntletSC2, a long time broadcaster and tournament organizer in North America. "We were the first to use Gauntlet as a contracted production team for our PSISTORMCup 4 tournament and they've proven to be the best out there for this scene. Jeremy and Bobby are tremendous.... read more

Our new CS GO team for 2017

csgoheader Our CSGO team is the best one we've had yet in terms of skill, doing well so far being 16th in the conference of 89, 3-1 in maps. - Tory "KooHS" Langley ( ) Whatsup my name is Tory 'KooHS' Langley and i have been playing cs on and off for 13 years, stopped playing around 2008 and came... read more

PSISTORM Gaming welcomes Gumiho

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 10.25.23 PM Just in, details to be updated but we have signed Gumiho to play. He will be flying over to IEM Katowice to compete for PSISTORM Gaming. He has some successful results, notably in GSL: source: Liquipedia Including one of the most memorable was while competing in DreamHack Tours Finals vs none other than... read more
A couple moments ago, GuMiho was able to advance to Round 2 of the StarCraft II StarLeague Season 1: Qualifier aka the SSL. He started by beating a Protoss named 젤리젤리 2-0, then Forte (or SalvatioN) 2-0, but lost against Stats 0-2 in the finals. Knocked down to the losers round, he faced Rogue who he was able to beat in a close 2-1 victory.

gumiho SSL quali









Next up, he will play in another tough group in round 2 the 8th of March. This group features herO, Zest and Dark and he will face off against herO in the first match. It will be tough, but GuMiho has triumph in tough groups before. Just like at IEM Katowice, we hope he can top his group and advance in first place!






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