GuMiho advances to Round 2 of SSL Season 1 Qualifier

Zanster Joins PSISTORM Gaming

Just moments ago, team owner KJ announced that Zanster has joined our squad! since @psiPengWin believes highly in his potential - welcome to @psistormgaming our 2nd EU player, @ZansterSC2 !— KJ ƑℝΞΞΞƊ☢Ɱ G ♒ (@KarlJayG) May 18, 2017 Make sure to follow him on... read more

Dreamhack Austin: Day 2

On this second day of Dreamhack Austin, we had two players in the Ro16 ; TRUE and JonSnow. The first series to be played out was TRUE vs uThermal. Going into the match, our Korean star was feeling confident, having had a nice run through the 3 bracket stages. He started the games off with a bang. Some early... read more

PSISTORM At Dreamhack: Day 1

Day one of Dreamhack Austin concluded not too long ago. 6 players went into the First Stage with hopes of defeating strong opponents. We had PengWin, WarreN and sLeet, TRUE, jheffe and silky competing in the hopes of advancing until the playoffs. After three hours of intense games, the competition was... read more

Silky is promoted to the Pro team

Just before Dreamhack Austin, we are glad to announce that our academy player Silky is being promoted to the Pro team! He will become the 11th player of our roster joining such amazing players as TRUE, GuMiho, JonSnow and PiLiPiLi. Pro team manager PengWin’s statement: "When we picked up Silky, I knew that... read more

GuMiho qualifies to GSL Super Tournament

Early in the morning for us NA folks, GuMiho played in the AfreecaTV Super Tournament qualifiers, also known as the GSL Super Tournament. Beating NoRegreT, Patience to make it to the finals, he fell to the formidable TY 1-2. Facing off against Patience once again, he was able to best him and make it to the group... read more
A couple moments ago, GuMiho was able to advance to Round 2 of the StarCraft II StarLeague Season 1: Qualifier aka the SSL. He started by beating a Protoss named 젤리젤리 2-0, then Forte (or SalvatioN) 2-0, but lost against Stats 0-2 in the finals. Knocked down to the losers round, he faced Rogue who he was able to beat in a close 2-1 victory.

gumiho SSL quali









Next up, he will play in another tough group in round 2 the 8th of March. This group features herO, Zest and Dark and he will face off against herO in the first match. It will be tough, but GuMiho has triumph in tough groups before. Just like at IEM Katowice, we hope he can top his group and advance in first place!






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