GuMiho in the finals of GSL 2017 Season 2


On the 24th of June, GuMiho will play soO in the first GSL Finals of his career.

Playing flawlessly through the Ro.32 with a 2-0 over Zest and 2-0 over aLive. GuMiho kept up the pace with another perfect map score in the Ro.16. There he met ByuL whom he mercilessly 2-0’d into submisson. Then he met Trap in the Winner’s match, with his signature aggression, Gumi pounded him into submission 2-0.

His real challenge began in the Ro.8 against TY. On the first two maps, TY seemed impossible to defeat, Gumi’s attacks and counter-attacks did nothing. Very quickly he found himself in a 0-2 deficit. A couple minutes into the 3rd game. Artosis blessed TY with his curse, claiming no one can 3-0 TY. The third game saw GuMiho become his alter ego; GuMiGod. With superior engages and drops, he was able to take the game. The fourth game was simply a game of better position, of better defense and a better opening for our Terran player. In the last Game, GuMiGod finally popped out his mech. Taking TY by surprise, he was able to eek out an upgrade lead and knocked on his opponents natural with a +2 +2 +2 timing. The timing caused massive damage and Gumi’s second wave was able to finish him off.

On to the Ro.4 against Maru, this series was a real wheel of cheese. It was proxies after proxies after proxies all series long. Game 6 saw Maru try to proxy 2 rax GuMiho while he went for some reapers of his own. With better micro, GuMiGod was able to better his opponent and move on to the finals versus soO,

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Watch the GuMiGod GSl 2017 Season 2 Hype video to get pumped up for Saturday’s game:

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