esports moments


#esportsMoments is a recurring episode of player stream, tournament highlights and any other interesting moments. The videos and clips are hand picked by Sugar and compiled and edited by Freeedom.

We had the goal to do it daily, but with some of these highlights coming from BaseTradeTV and Rifkin mandating we ask permission for every clip before considering them, it became too much of a slowdown in the process. So we have scaled back to just every few days and mostly our PSISTORM Gaming players & team highlights.

If you have highlights you’d like for us to add for the next episode, msg Sugar.

Our Own Player Streams & Tourney Highlights:

  • 6 – @UpATreeZelda @JonSnowSC2 (Filthy tournament) @psistmDisk @RuFF_SC2
  • 5 – @UpATreeZelda @JonSnowSC2 (WESG) @psistmDisk @RuFF_SC2
  • 4 – @UpATreeZelda @psiTRUE @PsiGumiho @RuFF_SC2
  • 3 – @UpATreeZelda @karljayg @PiLiPiLi96 @RuFF_SC2 theme is “subtle notes & comments”
  • 2 – @Miss_Magitek @PsistmDisk @RuFF_SC2 @UpATreeZelda @TeamTemp0
  • 1 – @Miss_Magitek @psiPengWin @RuFF_SC2 @UpATreeZelda @JonSnowSC2 @GauntletSC2

    OTHER 2017:

  • Nov 15
    Gauntlet, Collegiate Starleague, Nathanias, TLO, BasetradeTV Starleague

  • Nov 14
    Olimoleague, OSC masters Cup 106, RuFF

  • Nov 13
    Basetradetv CorsairCup, OSC masters melee, Proxy Tempest, ByuN’s stream & PSiAftermath showmatch

  • Nov 12
    HomeStoryCup Finals, OSC masters Cup 105

  • Nov 11
    HomeStoryCup Day2, OSC masters Cup 105

  • Nov 10
    HomeStoryCup Day1, OSC masters Cup 105