We’ve branched out from North America and signed EnDerr

PSISTORM announces that they have signed Philippine Zerg player Caviar Napoleon Acampado aka “EnDerr”.

EnDerr is a veteran with many achievements and currently ranked 20th non-Korean according to Aligulac.


EnDerr qualified to 2014 WCS Oceania after he placed 3rd after beating Petraeus 2-1, but losing to eventual champion Pig. He went on to face Neeb winning game 1, but losing games 2 and 3.

Most recently he placed 10th place in MSI Beat IT tournament.

He also has had 16 tournament wins in OSC in 2014, the most of the region.

EnDerr was recently contemplating retiring after posting a Facebook post on Christmas.

He said, “I thought it was the end of the road for me but PSISTORM gave me a new desire to compete, and I will be playing full time for another year! It’s a foreign team and I’m so excited to be part of this… especially with a young roster that includes great players like intense, phog, sWs and more, and hopefully get some good practice partners”.

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