PSISTORM at Dreamhack Valencia – Day 3 : Resolution

On the third and final day of Dreamhack, we had our last remaining player; TRUE, face off against Elazer in a Bo5 series. This series would determine who would advance to the finals and have a shot at $25 000 USD and a seed in the BlizzCon finals.


On the first map, Ascension to Aiur, Elazer went pool first with the intent to harass, while TRUE went hatch first. These build order choices made it impossible for TRUE to hang on to his natural expansion as he desperately tried to pump out lings. The one base ling attack from Elazer was too much and our Zerg was unable to defend it, costing him the game.

The second map, Defender’s Landing, was TRUE’s attempt to be cheeky, as he usually does. He went pool first in an aggressive attempt to create an early advantage. Unfortunately for his, Elazer went gas/pool and had enough lings to defend the initial harass. With the early stages of the game completed, the Polish Zerg was able to create an economical advantage and closed out the game with a superior army. 2-0 for Elazer, he was now in mach point.

On the third game, TRUE had to make something happen, and that he did. On Sequencer, TRUE was relentless with ling harass reminiscent of his series versus Serral. A few drones here, a couple roaches there, over time TRUE was able to gain the lead and had mutas out on the field, ready to harass. Elazer had other plans, he wanted to use a nydus worm to destroy TRUE from the inside of his own main base. With quick flying units, TRUE was able to sniff out the strategy and adequately prepared. The nydus play did not have the results Elazer wanted and was overun by lings and mutas, granting our Zerg the win. 1 win for TRUE, 2 wins for Elazer.

This fourth game was to be played out on Abyssal Reef. Both players actually went for a hatch first build order, TRUE went for the standard gas while Elazer opted for a gasless style. This gasless style was actually the beginning of a massive roach timing, although TRUE had a faster third and a better economy for the early stages of the games, he saw the timing too late and did not have enough time to muster up a proper defense. With roaches, ravagers and even some queens in the mix, Elazer took the fight and took the game.

3-1 for Elazer.


With this, all our players have been knocked out of Valencia, it was a great tournament overall for the team.

* Strange finishes in the top 64.

* JonSnow finishes 17th-24th and takes home $1 000 USD.

* Zanster finishes 9th-16th, takes home $ 2 500 USD and 300 WCS Circuit Points.

* TRUE finishes 3rd-4th, takes home $6 500 USD and 900 WCS Circuit Points.

We can’t wait for the next event to see what our boys can do!