PSISTORM at Dreamhack Valencia – Day 1 : Pass the Torch


Earlier today, the first day of Dreamhack Valencia was played out. In the first of three Group Stages to be played out, we had Zanster and Strange battling it out in Group G. They were somehow placed together along with the Polish Protoss Indy and the German Protoss ReiGn.


As expected, they both advanced, with Zanster going 4-0 in the group, while Strange went 4-3. Zanster’s run started off with a 2-0 over ReiGn, followed by a 2-0 over teammate Strange. Meanwhile, Strange went 2-1 against Indy, lost 0-2 vs Zanster and finished it off with a 2-0 over Indy.

In the 2nd Group Stage, Strange was seeded into Group B with Cloudy, Denver and ShoWTimE. His first opponent was the dangerous German Protoss ShoWTimE. While losing the first map, he was able to bounce back and take it 2-1 in an upset. Next up he faced off against Cloudy, despite great games, he lost the series 1-2. He then had to face Denver, hot off a 2-0 versus ShoWTimE. In the opening game, Strange was able to play his type of map and took the win. On the second map, all was looking well, until he overextended in the middle of the map and lost his small but substantial lead. He was unable to keep hold of the flow and lost. On the deciding map, a failed all-in left him behind economically and he was unable to keep up with the Zerg’s army, forcing him to tap out. With this, he was eliminated from Valencia with a great showing.


Meanwhile, Zanster was placed in Group G with Optimus, Majestic and SouLeer. Playing at his best, Zanster went 2-0 over SouLeer and kept the momentum going 2-0 versus the Dutch Terran Optimus. Without dropping a map in the first two group stages, Anton powered ahead to the Ro.32 aka Group Stage 3.

In this third Group Stage, Zanster was joined by TRUE and JonSnow who were seeded directly there by placing 3rd and 4th respectively in the NA Online Qualifiers.

Zanster was set in Group B along with Serral, Nice and Arctur. His first series went well, with a 2-0 over Nice, despite what some would say. In a close ZvZ, Zanster lost to the Finish Serral seeding him to face off against Arctur. Opening the series with a win on Sequencer, Zanster started the series off strong, but was unable to keep up the momentum in Game 2, his opponent was simply too much on Proxima Station. On the last map, Anton was able to eek out the win and advances to the Ro.16 and Day 2.


Next up, we had JonSnow in Group F along with Cloudy, Lambo and Elazer. His first series was versus Cloudy, whom he was able to dispatch in a quick 2-0. His next opponent, Elazer, proved to be a much harder opponent, he lost the series 0-2 despite great lurker positioning. Finally, he had to face off against Cloudy once again in the Loser’s match. This time, Cloudy seemed to have his number, with clever timing attacks, our King of the North fell 0-2 against the onslaught of Protoss. Although he has been eliminated from the tournament, we believe he showed great games and this can only be stepping stone to better results.


Finally, we have TRUE in Group G with Probe, Harstem and Optimus. Everything started off with a 2-1 against the Dutch Terran Optimus. In a back and forth series, TRUE was able to take the win 2-1 and was matched up against the Australian Protoss Probe in the winners series. Somehow, Someway, Probe was able to beat TRUE with his weird foreign play from down-under 2-0, forcing our Zerg into the Losers match against Harstem. Despite the upset from the previous series, our Zerg had no mercy for the other Dutch of the group and defeated Harstem 2-0 in a very quick series. Completing his journey to Day 2 and the Ro.16.


For tomorrow’s games, we have TRUE and Zanster to carry on the torch from their fallen teammates. TRUE will face off against the French Protoss player PtitDrogo while Zanster will play his match against SpeCIal aka Major. Both tough matches, but we believe in our boys!


Don’t miss our players action at approximately 13:35 CEST for TRUE vs. PtitDrogo and around 21:05 CEST for Zanster vs. SpeCIal.

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