Dreamhack Austin: Day 2


On this second day of Dreamhack Austin, we had two players in the Ro16 ; TRUE and JonSnow. [Read Day 1]

The first series to be played out was TRUE vs uThermal. Going into the match, our Korean star was feeling confident, having had a nice run through the 3 bracket stages. He started the games off with a bang. Some early ling pressure gave him just enough breathing room to adequately defend the hellbat pressure follow-up. From there, it was a macro game where he was ahead, granting him the resources to build up to ultralisks and run over his opponent. Game two was similar, the Terran opened like the previous game with a hellbat which was successfully defended by queens and speedlings. It then snowballed into a macro lead, into an army lead and finally into a map win. Game 3 was a whole other story. TRUE wanted to win quickly, so he opened with a 1.5 base roach ravager cheese. While looking promising, it ultimately failed when he walked up his opponents ramp and lost his entire army. Forced to play roach/ravager with some infestor support, our Zerg was able to defend his bases long enough to transition to a ultralisk, crackling and infestor based army. Even despite losing his entire army near the end, with an upgrade lead and economical advantage, TRUE win the 3rd game. In the Ro8, he then faced the ROOT Zerg Cham.

Meanwhile we JonSnow against the ever so frightening Polish Zerg Nerchio. With a best-of-five against such a strong opponent, our american hope had to pull out his best play yet. The series was played on BasetradeTV and sadly it was a quick 0-3 loss for our King of the North. Despite great effort, he was simply outclassed by the his opponent. Finishing top 16 at such a big event is nothing to scoff hmat, we are very happy with such an amazing performance.

In the Ro8, TRUE played against the Mexican Zerg Cham. Hot off a 3-0 against uThermal, our korean zerg was playing his very best. He started off strong with victory, overwhelming his opponent with strong macro and excellent micro when it counted. In the second game, Cham had the best of him with superior opener which gave him the economical lead which translated to an overwhelming push. Despite great harass, TRUE lost the game, but not his spirit. The third game went late. Both players maxed out on a roach, ravager and infestor composition. With a slight economical advantage, TRUE danced around Chams’ army and eventually decided to go for a basetrade instead of defending his fourth. At that moment, TRUE portrayed his superior decision making and split his army just enough to wipe out his opponents 4 bases while protecting his own bases just enough to evacuate a good number of drones. After a few skirmishes TRUE had the superior force and walked over what remained of Cham. Like with uThermal, with a single game to win, he went for a quick speedlight and baneling attack. Through superior micro and better macro, our zerg was able to force Cham into submission.

Watch the final moments of TRUE vs uThermal

playoffs dhatx

In the semi-finals, TRUE will have to face off against either Kelazhur or Nerchio, a tough match no matter who he plays. Yet, with his performance throughout the tournament, it is very possible he can win the series and propel himself into the finals.

His match will be played tomorrow. Don’t miss out on the amazing series to come #GoPSISTORM