PSISTORM At Dreamhack Montreal : Preview


This weekend, the last stop of the 4 WCS stops takes place in Montreal. With 100 000USD and 11 000 WCS points on the line, it is the last chance to get points and clinch that BlizzCon seed.

With this being the last chance, all our players went all out and will congregate in mass to the event. We will have TEN players compete in the event who will be joined by a couple community members and staff.

Competing this weekend, we have : TRUE, JonSnow, jheffe, Silky, PiLiPiLi, Zanster, PengWin, UpATree, DisK & Poizon.

We will also have Magitek, Temp0, Team Owner KJ Freeedom & Writer & Photographer Frostbite.

This will be our largest gathering in a long time, we have nearly all our professional roster present and a few of our academy members present. So expect a massive amount of pictures and content on our twitter : @psistormgaming. A few days after the event we will also publish a vlog/documentary of the event giving you an inside look into what a tournament means to our players and staff!

We hope to see you there!