Our new CS GO team for 2017


Our CSGO team is the best one we’ve had yet in terms of skill, doing well so far being 16th in the conference of 89, 3-1 in maps.

– Tory “KooHS” Langley ( https://twitter.com/KooHSGO )

Whatsup my name is Tory ‘KooHS’ Langley and i have been playing cs on and off for 13 years, stopped playing around 2008 and came back in 2014 to play csgo. My dream is to play competative counter-strike professionally and i hope we can grow with this team. I’m 24 years old and have always been intrigued with counter-strike.

– Keith “SYNICAL” Tuller ( https://twitter.com/GOSynical )

hi I’m Keith “synical” Tuller and been playing CSGO for about 2 years and just got into the competitive scene. Proud to be playing for PSISTORM and happy to see what the future holds

– Kaleb “Duglee” Warrington ( https://twitter.com/DugleeTV )

Watup gamers, the names Kaleb “Duglee” Warrington. I came to headshot and kill bots. And im all outta headshots. Thanks to PsiStorm for the support, and to all my fans; stay woke.

– Sam “s0m” Oh ( https://twitter.com/Sam_s0m )

Hi my name is Sam ‘s0m’ Oh and I’ve been playing csgo for about 2 years now and I just got into the competitive scene. Im 14 years old looking for a bright future that will lead me to a future career in the esports scene.

– Nick “nylee” Lee ( https://twitter.com/nicklee24 )

Hi my name is Nick “nylee” Lee and I’m the Leader and also in-game leader for PSISTORM CS:GO. I have been playing Counter-Strike since 1.6. I have a wife and two sons. I am honored to be playing CS:GO for PSISTORM. I cannot wait to lead the team to victory!