Gumiho at the 2017 GSL Super Tournament

Gumi at GSL Super Tournament by Kenzi

Picture by Kenzi

The 6th of April, Gumiho played vs. the GSL Season 1 Champ, Stats in the Ro16. They faced off where our Terran player was the clear underdog. Stats was hot off his win, where Gumiho couldn’t even get past the Ro32. Even before that, he finished second in the incredibly stacked IEM Gyeonggi where Gumiho wasn’t even able to qualify. Despite the odds stacked against him, the GumiGod played his own way and it worked. Here’s how he did it.

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PSISTORMCup 3 is October 1st

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from TeamLiquid announcement thread

PSISTORM Gaming is excited to announce the third iteration of the PSISTORM Cup, and better yet, is boasting another $1000 prize pool. The tournament will be held at The Cave Gaming Center in Fairfax, home of the PSISTORM Cup I & II. Like the last cup we will be conducting the tournament in swiss styled format. Below you can find all the information you need to know whether you decided to compete or enjoy the day spectating some great matches casted by Temp0 and some of our competing players, while enjoying food with friends in the local SC2 community!

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TRUE’s Journey to be a WCS Champion


Bang Tae Soo (방태수) or TRUE as most will know him has finally achieved his dream of becoming a StarCraft Champion. After winning WCS Circuit Summer in Montreal in dominating fashion. TRUE dropped 2 maps across the whole tournament en route to his first ever championship.
TRUE finally received his visa meaning his only chance to make it to Blizzcon for the WCS Global playoffs was to win the remaining WCS Circuit event which gave a direct seed to the WCS finals.
TRUE had already qualified for the hardest tournament in SCII, GSL Code S after defeating CJ Entus Bunny 3-2 in Code A. Upon receiving his visa TRUE dropped out of the tournament to participate in the global circuit.

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True wins Cheesadelphia, RuFF gets 3rd/4th!

True and RuFF take 1st and 3rd/4th at Cheesadelphia Summer 2016 LAN in Philadelphia, PA this past weekend.  The largest of the 3 so far, Cheesadelphia had 54 participants, and several NA pros competing.  The top 16 went to the playoffs on day 2.  2 went on to place, with RuFF taking 3rd/4th and True winning the whole tournament.

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