PSISTORM Gaming Team League Announcement

psistorm teamleague logo

written by Jordan

The Story

At Cheesadelphia 6, xJustxJordanx and KJ Freeedom met for the first time. They got to talking, and KJ shared his vision of a team league for the little guys, the gold leaguers, the platinum leaguers, etc. He felt they deserved better than what the currently had: leagues plagued with no-shows, sporadic streams with no player stories, no opportunities to gain fans, little room for rivalries to develop. He dreamed of a league where the players got the same treatment as those featured in Proleague, GSTL and the like. KJ liked the idea so much, he said he’d even be willing to fund it. Jordan thought the idea was grand, and volunteered to run it. And thus, the PSISTORM Gaming Team League was born!

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PSISTORM At Dreamhack Montreal – Day 3 : Defeat


On the last day of Dreamhack, TRUE was to face off against the ever so frightening Neeb.

The first game gave us some hope, with a hydra/bane 3 base timing push, TRUE almost made Neeb crack under the pressure, but he was able to gold the attack by the skin of his teeth. Having held the attack and still having a worker advantage, despite some runbys and some multi-pronged attacks, TRUE was unable to even out the game. The protoss was able to take more bases safely, build up that protoss late game mothership, archon, high templar and everything else to simply walk through TRUE’s defences.

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PSISTORM At Dreamhack Montreal – Day 2 : Triumph


On Day 2 of Dreamhack Montreal, we had TRUE play his Ro16 match and potentially a Ro8 match.

In the Ro16, TRUE faced off against the french Protoss DnS. In a simple Bo5, our defending Dreamhack Montreal Champion was able to win in without dropping a match on Odyssey, Abyssal Reef and Interloper. Despite it being on a B stream, the relatively short series was casted by a few of the community streamers and was still entertaining. In game 2, TRUE did an odd 3 base 8 queen +1 melee timing attack. With standard 3 bases, TRUE continually made queens while saturating his third, all while getting +1 and overlord speed. Once he hit 8 queens, he flew to Dns’s base with a massive ling army and was able to force the french player out of the map.

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