PSISTORM At Dreamhack Montreal – Day 2 : Triumph


On Day 2 of Dreamhack Montreal, we had TRUE play his Ro16 match and potentially a Ro8 match.

In the Ro16, TRUE faced off against the french Protoss DnS. In a simple Bo5, our defending Dreamhack Montreal Champion was able to win in without dropping a match on Odyssey, Abyssal Reef and Interloper. Despite it being on a B stream, the relatively short series was casted by a few of the community streamers and was still entertaining. In game 2, TRUE did an odd 3 base 8 queen +1 melee timing attack. With standard 3 bases, TRUE continually made queens while saturating his third, all while getting +1 and overlord speed. Once he hit 8 queens, he flew to Dns’s base with a massive ling army and was able to force the french player out of the map.

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In the past week or so, we had GuMiho play in GSL, Zanster play in 2017 WCS Montreal – Europe Open Qualifier.

In Korea, our GSL Season 2 Champion picked INnoVation and was placed in Group A with Solar and aLive. The first series started out well, with GuMiho beating INnoVation in a close TvT series. Highlights include GuMi stealing one of his opponents build, which seemed to work out pretty well. His next match was up against the Zerg player Solar. Despite being the favorite, GuMiho was unable to defeat the Splyce Zerg and fell in a quick 0-2. This sent him to the losers match where he had to face INnoVation once again. He lost the first map on Ascension to Aiur, despite a decent doom drop into his opponents base, he was unable to deal enough damage while also losing his tank count. After defending, INnoVation simply leap-frogged his tanks until GuMiho GG’d out. On the second map, Odyssey, GuMiho was able to create an early advantage with some cyclone harass, this continued until starport tech which gave him the opportunity to jump into his opponents base, disrupting his mining and dividing his attention, all the while he expanded and prepared the death push. INnoVation’s forces were spread too thin and he was unable to defend his natural from a flood of marines. 1-1. On the final map, Whirlwind, it started out all even, with little to no early game shenanigans. Going into standard tank-marine vs. tank-marine, INnoVation decided to produce more vikings and gain air control, with this advantage, he was able to find a better position for his own tanks and slowly picked off Gumiho’s. Losing slowly in tank count, he was unable to keep up in supply and slowly died off, forcing a GG and ending his Season 3 run.

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Dreamhack Austin: Day 2


On this second day of Dreamhack Austin, we had two players in the Ro16 ; TRUE and JonSnow. [Read Day 1]

The first series to be played out was TRUE vs uThermal. Going into the match, our Korean star was feeling confident, having had a nice run through the 3 bracket stages. He started the games off with a bang. Some early ling pressure gave him just enough breathing room to adequately defend the hellbat pressure follow-up. From there, it was a macro game where he was ahead, granting him the resources to build up to ultralisks and run over his opponent. Game two was similar, the Terran opened like the previous game with a hellbat which was successfully defended by queens and speedlings. It then snowballed into a macro lead, into an army lead and finally into a map win. Game 3 was a whole other story. TRUE wanted to win quickly, so he opened with a 1.5 base roach ravager cheese. While looking promising, it ultimately failed when he walked up his opponents ramp and lost his entire army. Forced to play roach/ravager with some infestor support, our Zerg was able to defend his bases long enough to transition to a ultralisk, crackling and infestor based army. Even despite losing his entire army near the end, with an upgrade lead and economical advantage, TRUE win the 3rd game. In the Ro8, he then faced the ROOT Zerg Cham.

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