July 11, 2017

PSISTORM at Dreamhack Valencia – Preview


On the 13th of July, the WCS Circuit makes its third out of four stops at Valencia. With 100 000 USD, a BlizzCon seed and 11 000 WCS points up for grab, it’s going to be another intense weekend of StarCraft.

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June 24, 2017

GuMiho is your GSL 2017 Season 2 Champion!

In the morning of the 24th for us east coast folks, GuMiho faced off against soO in the GSL 2017 Season 2 finals.

GuMiho was able to take down the finals king himself in 4-2 victory. With plenty of mech play, clever harass and some cheese thrown in there, our Korean Terran was able to take out soO in a bittersweet series. GG to both players, in the a King Kong is nothing to a GuMiGod…

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June 21, 2017

GuMiho in the finals of GSL 2017 Season 2


On the 24th of June, GuMiho will play soO in the first GSL Finals of his career.

Playing flawlessly through the Ro.32 with a 2-0 over Zest and 2-0 over aLive. GuMiho kept up the pace with another perfect map score in the Ro.16. There he met ByuL whom he mercilessly 2-0’d into submisson. Then he met Trap in the Winner’s match, with his signature aggression, Gumi pounded him into submission 2-0.

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May 18, 2017

Zanster Joins PSISTORM Gaming

Just moments ago, team owner KJ announced that Zanster has joined our squad!

since @psiPengWin believes highly in his potential – welcome to @psistormgaming our 2nd EU player, @ZansterSC2 ! pic.twitter.com/Mnja2Sx4Np

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May 3, 2017

PSISTORM at Dreamhack Austin : Aftermath


The 30th of April was the last day of Dreamhack Austin. We had TRUE looking strong going into the Ro4. He went through the Ro16 going 3-0 over uThermal, he went through the Ro8 going 3-1 over Cham. It was set to be a good series against the tough Nerchio.

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April 30, 2017

Dreamhack Austin: Day 2


On this second day of Dreamhack Austin, we had two players in the Ro16 ; TRUE and JonSnow. [Read Day 1]

The first series to be played out was TRUE vs uThermal. Going into the match, our Korean star was feeling confident, having had a nice run through the 3 bracket stages. He started the games off with a bang. Some early ling pressure gave him just enough breathing room to adequately defend the hellbat pressure follow-up. From there, it was a macro game where he was ahead, granting him the resources to build up to ultralisks and run over his opponent. Game two was similar, the Terran opened like the previous game with a hellbat which was successfully defended by queens and speedlings. It then snowballed into a macro lead, into an army lead and finally into a map win. Game 3 was a whole other story. TRUE wanted to win quickly, so he opened with a 1.5 base roach ravager cheese. While looking promising, it ultimately failed when he walked up his opponents ramp and lost his entire army. Forced to play roach/ravager with some infestor support, our Zerg was able to defend his bases long enough to transition to a ultralisk, crackling and infestor based army. Even despite losing his entire army near the end, with an upgrade lead and economical advantage, TRUE win the 3rd game. In the Ro8, he then faced the ROOT Zerg Cham.

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April 29, 2017

PSISTORM At Dreamhack: Day 1


Day one of Dreamhack Austin concluded not too long ago. 6 players went into the First Stage with hopes of defeating strong opponents.
We had PengWin, WarreN and sLeet, TRUE, jheffe and silky competing in the hopes of advancing until the playoffs.

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April 27, 2017

PSISTORM at Dreamhack Austin: Day 0


Starting April 28, Dreamhack Austin begins! Part of the WCS circuit, this event sports a $100k prize pool, a 64 player open bracket and a BlizzCon seed to first place. We are tied with ROOT Gaming in being the most represented team with 8 players. We have 2 players seeded into the third bracket stage and 6 fighting it out in the first group stage.

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April 26, 2017

Silky is promoted to the Pro team

psistorm embossed

Just before Dreamhack Austin, we are glad to announce that our academy player Silky is being promoted to the Pro team! He will become the 11th player of our roster joining such amazing players as TRUE, GuMiho, JonSnow and PiLiPiLi.

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April 19, 2017

7 Months after Proleague: Where are they now?


A little over 7 months ago, on the 17th of October 2016, SC2 Proleague was discontinued. Immediately following the news, SKT, KT, CJ and Samsung disbanded their teams. A little after HSC XIV, Afreeca freecs disbanded on the 21st of November. A little over two weeks later, MVP disbanded their SC2 team. To this day, JinAir GreenWings is the only remaining korean based Starcraft 2 team still operational.

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