We are pleased to announce the formation of a new StarCraft II Gaming organization: PSIstorm Gaming. While we have some incredibly exciting things on the horizon, we did not want to wait before opening our doors and making some preliminary announcements.

We are a group of gaming enthusiasts dedicated to the idea of fun, no-BM, helpful, non-elitist, no-hacking spirit of things.

So what are we doing, exactly? Well, firstly we have a new Clan setup for SC2 (you can recognize us by the PSISTM tag). If you are interested in joining, you can check out our website or our facebook page for more information. All existing members from the [KJ] clan will be automatically added when we see them online. It is otherwise by invite only.

Second, we are working with pro players, casters, and content producers to help bring you guys some aweome stuff. We very recently did a series of showmatches for our members with the one and only iNcontroL. We’ve also done showmatches with players like Hendralisk and Enderr. There is also a meetup planned for Red Bull BattleGrounds DC. We just finished the second season of our online tournament, which paid out over $400 in winnings! Season 3 will be coming soon, and is open to all.

Possibly the most exciting thing we are happy to announce right now is our very first tournament:
PSIstorm Philippines SC2 LAN, Sept 27-28, with a $150 prize pool (details will be on our website soon)

And of course our SC2 activities are only the beginning. We certainly plan to expand into other games in the future.

Who are we?
We are a group of SC2 fans, who grew out of the MD/DC/VA SC2 Facebook group, and the [KJ] Clan.
The owners are:
Freeedom (This was his brainchild, leader of the KJ clan, and organizer of all the MD/DC/VA SC2 Facebook group events)
FilthyRake (AHGL Administrator, Let’s Kung Fu! guy, caster)
BlakeHG (Media, content-editing & management)
SirMalagant (Graphics, branding, content editing & management)

Where can I learn more?
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/psistormgaming
Our website: http://www.psistorm.com